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Tattoo Removal - The EliminInk Way

The Ink Shrinks Tattoo studio now offers tattoo removal using the EliminInk product. The process is very similar to tattooing and is even done with the same equipment used to apply the tattoo. However it is usually less painful as an anesthetic is used. THIS IS NOT LASER.

Currently, we are the ONLY authorized studio in MN performing this process.

If you have a tattoo you hate, but have been told a cover-up may not be successful or you want to completely remove the tattoo this may be the answer you’ve been dreaming of.EliminInks Logo

Check out the Cynergy Products, LLC ( and EliminInk ( websites to learn more or contact us at:
(651)797-2597 or

Eliminink tattoo removal, before and after #1   Eliminink tattoo removal, before and after #2


EmiminInk Cost: The cost is $60 per square inch and the average removal is 2-6 sessions making your total cost $120-$360 per square inch.

Compared to

Laser Cost: 8-12 sessions $60 = $480-$720 total cost.


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When asked, most people agree that the Q-switched laser has become the “gold standard” for successful tattoo removal over the past decade or so. However, EliminInk™, a revolutionary tattoo removal solution, is positioned to overtake the title. EliminInk™ Tattoo Removal Solution is easily utilized to lighten and/or remove permanent makeup and body art tattoos using the same process the tattoo was applied in the upper layers of the dermis...
Through a unique process, EliminInk™ “bonds” with all permanent makeup pigments and tattoo inks resulting in a tattoo removal procedure that is non-color dependent unlike that of the Q-Switched laser. The greatly increases the potential for successful tattoo removal and decreases the overall number of treatment sessions required as compared with that of the Q-Switched laser...
The EliminInk™ tattoo removal system works much like the original tattooing process, but instead of ink, it uses a solution formulated to bond with the original tattoo ink and draws the ink to the sink’s surface. DermRenu, a scar inhibitor, is contained in the EliminInkTM product and helps to minimize or prevent scarring. DermRenu is also sent home with the client as part of the aftercare treatment to aide in the natural healing process…

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